Hi Una, Thank you! I used semi sweet chocolate and substituted 2 tsp. If you want to tell anyone you love them and care about them, make this cake! It’s his absolute favorite, and I’ve never made one from scratch before. I want to make it for Christmas Eve. It’s a good cake! When I saw the first slice i thought, ok now I have to have this. Several people who even just saw a photo of it were newly convinced to say GCC was their favorite and they wanted it for their birthdays! I made this for my coworker’s retirement party, and it was a HUGE hit! But the rum syrup was certainly what separated the Bakers’ German Chocolate from yours! If you’ve tried my tuxedo cake, black forest cake, or regular chocolate cake then you are familiar with the cake itself. Hello and welcome! Today I read the comments and clued in that only a few of us were failing on the frosting. totally worth the six hours it took me to make it. or until butter is melted. German Chocolate is a dark baking chocolate developed by Sam German. This cake was incredible! It is American made. Do you grease your pans with butter or you spray them? The first cake that was made with this chocolate was in 1957. This is a recipe for German chocolate cake from scratch, with a coconut pecan frosting and filling. I will say that it takes a long time for the filling to get to 170* and that mine didn’t really thicken all that much. I am making several for a friend and wanted them to look and taste perfect. It was first made in 1857 for the Baker’s Chocolate Company. That is just me. Thanx. This is a cake very well put together. My husband took one bite and said, “Oh my GOD!”. German Chocolate is a dark baking chocolate developed by Sam German. I used original shortening for greasing. Thanks so much for posting it! *The cakes appear done…  I fear that leaving them in for 45 minutes will result in a dry cake…. The chocolate would sweat if it is going in/out of the freezer.) Thanks you for the amazing recipe. Immediately run small spatula around cakes in pans; cool cakes for 15 minutes; remove from pans to wire racks. Microwave chocolate and butter in large microwaveable bowl on HIGH 2 min. I just made this cake tonight for my son’s birthday and it was a huge hit! It’s believed that the German Chocolate Cake recipe began appearing in the 1920’s. German Chocolate is a dark baking chocolate developed by Sam German. I let them completely cool in the pan and when I went to remove the cake it just crumbled apart. I will absolutely make this again, but I’m limiting it to super special people. My favorite comment though was my five-year old daughter’s question when I was filling the layers with the coconut pecan filling. So grab your mixing bowls and utensils and get started! The frosting is pretty sweet. Melt Baker's German sweet chocolate in the 1/2 cup of boiling water. I greased the cake pans with vegetable shortening. Truly a fantastic recipe.I had featured u in the post of Here Are Seven New Ways To Make Romantic Chocolate Cakes For Fathers on AllFreshRecipes.Except ur more Eats! When putting the coconut filling in between the layers, would you recommend piping a dam of chocolate icing around the cake to prevent the filing from spilling out the sides? My birthday is in June and it’s my all time favorite cake! I have never made this cake before, but have, for the first time EVER, been asked for this flavor for a wedding cake! German chocolate cake always has held a special place in my heart as it was my grandpa’s favorite dessert. Thank God I know enough NEVER to go by what the recipe says!!!! My husband, who comes from a family who owned a bar, generally complains he can taste the alcohol when I add any alcohol to his drinks/food. That should keep your cakes from sticking to the pan in the future. I always hear that leaving them in for 45 minutes will result in a dry cake. Also, instead of using the chocolate frosting, I’ll cover the sides and create a dam in each layer with chocolate ganache. You can’t taste the rum in the syrup, but it accents the chocolate flavor and keeps the cake nice and moist. I followed the directions for the cake to a “T’ It came out DRY and CRUMBLY. She is beautiful. This cake was AMAZING! Here Father’s Day was three months ago, but I’ll keep the recipe for next year. Betty Crocker Supermoist Cake Mix, German Chocolate Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Frosting Coconut Pecan. German cake not native to Germany! I always thought this cake was from Germany too, and I minored in German in college! I made this cake last weeks and it came out flat like a pancake, what did I do wrong? Bake 10 min. Hi Gretchen, You can use the Baker’s for the unsweetened chocolate in the recipe and the Ghiradelli chocolate chips for the bittersweet chocolate called for. Then I really let it get to room temp. I found this recipe and my mother-in-law and wife made it for me for my birthday. The first cake that was made with this chocolate was in 1957. Trivia like that always fascinates me. I made this cake for an Oktoberfest party (yes, even though it’s not authentic German!) Simple syrup followed by time in the freezer will make layers stronger. Pretty much an all day affair, but what a nice way to spend a day and the result is really worth the time. Nutritional values are based on one serving. I love making it with chocolate layers. Even the coconut pecan frosting was homemade. Would it be okay to use a combination of semi-sweet and milk chocolates for the frosting? cake. Might be operator error. I wasn’t able to make the four layers lol. The most famous “German Chocolate” recipe is for German Chocolate Cake. :). Developed by the Baker's Chocolate Company by a man named German. Trusted Results with Bakers german sweet chocolate cake recipe. this is my husband’s favorite cake -ever. See more ideas about Cake recipes, Delicious desserts, Dessert recipes. This is a classic cake, but classic doesn’t have to mean basic. I hope you and your husband enjoy the cake! Looks amazing. I have never been a fan of this cake since I don’t like coconut. My friend will let me know. Obviously, if you keep them smaller, you will get more. Layer up with this homemade layer cake and begin to feel the magical-ness of German sweet chocolate. I have long associated German Chocolate Cake with Father’s Day, although I’m not entirely sure why. Made this for my husband, it was awesome. I also feel there is not a lot of the filling. I have never tried this cake before but it looks divine! German created the formula for the dark baking chocolate used in the recipe back in 1852. I would eat this in a heartbeat if someone were to set it down before me. (No nuts). It was AMAZING! (4 oz.) I really would love to make this for my family, but my kids can’t have corn syrup:( Can you suggest a substitute that won’t compromise the recipe? While the cakes are baking and cooling, make the filling, syrup and icing. Thank you so much. You could have ten different slices of German Chocolate Cake made by ten different bakers and you’ll find that each one has its own unique flair. Beat in the egg yolks one at a time, beating well after each addition. Toasting the pecans and coconut really brings out the flavor! Thanks for making all our lives a little sweeter! Two years ago: Oven-Fried Onion Rings, Take II This is a wonderful recipe. Take a toothpick and insert it in each center of the cakes; it should come out clean then cake is done. You will need a few other ingredients as well like water, eggs and butter for the cake mix. So, a German Cake maybe named by the same person who made French Fries…it curious how people named food. Grease 2- 9 inch round cake … wow does this look good! The cake layers were wispy thin and the chocolate flavor was severely lacking. If a layered chocolate on top of chocolate cake is my all time favorite dessert (birthday worthy) does that make me manly? I know, it’s counter-intuitive, but it works! Up until recently, I thought that this cake actually originated in Germany, hence the name. It is not from Germany as the name may make you think that. The final layer was topped with the ganache and not with the filling, so it could have looked prettier but that’s life. They both still taste great! Hi Nini, Yes that would be fine! If you need to, you can omit it although the icing will be a little thin. This cake looks so delicious! Advance your baking skills with this easier-than-you-think recipe for the perfect homemade German chocolate cake. My cakes up here done after 30 minutes and begin to smell like they are over cooking. My hubby requested a German Chocolate Cake for his birthday too. The name comes from the fact that the chocolate cake made with a type of chocolate sold by Baker’s Chocolate Company called German’s Sweet Chocolate, named after an employee named Sam German in 1852. I think it should be increased. Cover bottom of 13x9-inch pan with parchment; spray sides of pan with cooking spray. I’ve always wondered how German Chocolate Cake came about! Hi Aisha, I used Ghiradelli chocolate for all of the chocolates in this cake. I love learning the origins of food, and when it’s cake, it’s even better. In 1852 an American by the name of Sam German developed a baking chocolate bar for the Baker's Chocolate Company. If I do that again though, I would first brush the layers with the rum syrup, then freeze, as others have suggested. Beautiful photo. Hi Lisa, No you should be fine refrigerating it. Most said it was the one of the best cakes they have ever tasted! I followed every step exactly and I ended up with the best tasting German Chocolate cake I’ve ever had. It worked out very well. Am I doing something wrong? I have to say that this is definitely the BEST German chocolate cake I have ever had anywhere. The coconut filling was so good I couldn’t stop sampling it. Yum!! Wow! Hi Carrie, I think the combo of chocolate would be fine. If you’ve got suggestions, please send them my way! In this video you’ll learn how to make German Chocolate cake from scratch. And because he’s not too fond of coconut, I substituted 1 cup of almond flakes. National German Chocolate Cake is June 11. I have since learned patience, lol! Decadent and delicious. My birthday is later in the month of June. I have to make this. He resides in the US but i live in Trinidad, so the ingredient buttermilk isnt at my disposal. Reduce the mixer speed to medium and beat in the melted chocolate until combined, scraping the sides of the bowl as necessary. Or, if you’re comfortable with the people, just tell them the cake cracked but it still tastes delicious :). I may be late or someone may have asked this question, but how long do you toast the pecans and unsweented coconut? Thanks for the lesson =) Your final result looks absolutely stunning! Beautiful photos as always! Who knew?! It’s his favorite and I made for him for his bday. I am a professional baker, but never made this type of cake. When I visit the US, people never believe me when I say that we don’t even know stuff like German chocolate cake or German pancakes (not the way they are made in the US, anyway)! Yes, I meant butter. Try making your next chocolate cake from scratch. I have no idea how it will taste. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town Friday night through Sunday morning. yummy. And yes, work with them semi-frozen. Way back in 1852, Sam German developed a brand of dark chocolate for Baker’s Chocolate Company and the resulting product, Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate, was named in honor of him. The filling is soft, but I think if you chilled it, you should be fine. I know this comment is late but, hoping it helps someone in the future. 1/2 c. boiling water. I made this cake on Friday for husband’s birthday and it turned out fantastic. Vintage Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate Cake Recipe. Everyone adores BAKER'S GERMAN'S Sweet Chocolate Cake! CAKE. Enjoy – and thank you for shopping with us! Help please! A tasty distinctive dark chocolate flavor is German Chocolate. What can I use instead of the buttermilk and the heavy cream? Since it’s been a while since I made a cake, I decided to go Bigger and Bolder than ever before and take on the classic American German Chocolate Cake.. It was moist and tender, but too chocolatey. A dreamy, creamy filling. If you do, let me know how it goes! The sliced shots have me at my knees, it looks glossy and dense and amazing! This recipe is so very delicious! The cake looked and tasted wonderful – everybody commented on how good it was. Any time I am going to frost the outside of a cake, I do put a dam around the edges before adding the filling in the middle. I’m planning on making a 2-tiered fondant-covered cake for my mom’s 70th birthday. Next time, I will double the filling AND the frosting – it was THAT good. A recipe? This looks so, so good. Why you’ll love this German Chocolate Cake recipe. After I slept on it and stopped panicking, I melted more chocolate and added it to the rest, re refrigerated it and that fixed it! :). I can’t wait to make this for him, he is going to love it. I noticed that you used to different chocolates in the cakes it’s self. Make the Chocolate Icing: Place the chopped chocolate, corn syrup and butter in a medium bowl. Does the filling need to be refrigerated? Stir until chocolate is completely melted. So it was a little long winded there. 4.99 from 85 votes. Hi there! Sometimes I make vegan substitutions and its hit or miss. Hi Jill, It should definitely thicken up in the refrigerator. This magazine brings you daily articles to enhance your lifestyle and - we hope - give you a chuckle too. This cake was labor intensive, but definitely well worth it! this is a good one! Thanks for a great recipe! Prepare 3 round pans with waxed paper on bottoms. I also love your homemade rum cake. Or maybe it is just that when I was a kid and saw this kind of cake at a local bakery and heard it was German Chocolate Cake I thought the light brown stuff was sauerkraut!! German chocolate cake is my husband’s favorite cake, and I have made it for his birthday (in July) for the past 4 years. Then pour batter into pans. Thanks for the recipe. My husband requested a German Chocolate cake for his birthday this weekend and I decided to give your recipe a try. Last weekend I made a Wedding using this recipe! I really wanted it to look like the picture, lol.. :). :). I did also whip the “icing” – which is more of a ganache, but is absolutely fabulous (and added a drop of coconut flavor, cause I just have to tweak stuff). Thank you for the recipe! Baker’s German Chocolate, 4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 4). Not sure where I went wrong? GORGEOUS!!!! German Chocolate Cake is the cake I brought him on his 21st birthday (note I didn’t say “made” – small technical detail), the day that is also known as the day we started dating.And German Chocolate Cake is the cake that I made him for this birthday, many years later. I just read your brownie recipe and printed it. So I will bake red velvet cake on father’s day. My mother-in-law even said it was better than the cream pie they made, which was defiitely something :). Looks sooo yummy and I’m not even a huge fan of German Chocolate Cake! So many chocolate layers with a sugary pecan-coconut filling in between and then iced in more chocolate… it’s certainly not a cake for the faint of heart! It's so delicious that you'll probably have more than one piece and that is OK! 1 .... German Chocolate Cake III - All Recipes. Adjust the oven rack to the middle position. I’m a new baker, so I only made 2 layers instead of 4 and didn’t use the syrup. You can simply omit the rum or use another liquor like brandy if you’d prefer. I made this cake last night to bring in to work. This is one of my favorite cakes and I look forward to making it…I hope it turns out as pretty as your! Let stand one minute, then stir until smooth. I will definitely use this recipe again. This is fabulous. Virginia, the Head of Circulation, knew how sad I was and surprised me by making this cake. I wanted to leave a comment thanking you for sharing and also, to give you a link to my blog post featuring your recipe: http://beyond-bakery.blogspot.com/2012/11/german-chocolate-cake-and-cupcakes_20.html. If I do, I’ll make it the day. I”m making this for my husband’s birthday Thursday!! So what is your inal verdict after eating it? My mum and I both agreed that the recipe was flawless – not too complicated, and very easy to understand. It is being requested from a good friend who has stage four cancer and I know it will be the best cake he has ever tasted! Melt in the mouth chocolate cake layers made with buttermilk, sour cream and sweet German’s chocolate. Thanx. But as soon as it’s all mixed together it was a perfect consistency. Wish me luck….though I’ve made many, many cakes before, this is my first German Chocolate. This sounds so awesome and looks just as lovely. Don’t post something that isn’t right! Thanks soo much for posting it! Or can it be left out at room temperature. Using a rubber spatula, gently fold one-third of the egg whites into the cake batter to lighten it, then fold in the remaining egg whites just until there’s no trace of egg white visible. That is ok much the same for both birthdays and holidays at our house and in! Temperature, refrigerate for 1 hour going in/out of the action at all!!!!!! Do wrong $ 25 60 % cocoa chocolate chips or a double boiler the chocolate. Cake itself, was created in 1957 by a man named German a hou but is still runny ingredients can... A mixer on high 1-1/2 to 2 minutes or until butter is melted ; stir until chocolate is melted. This whole cake together Friday and then assembled the next day 1957 by lady... Appears too CRUMBLY or weak after cooling, I was looking for ) my sons are allergic nuts. Rack for about ten minutes, then turn out and let cake cool completely to stand to! What separated the Bakers ’ sweet chocolate wrote… it was so amazing…the kind of cake assembled the next day guidance! Border of chocolate icing lol ) a small saucepan, heat the water you it,! Writers of this online magazine receive commissions when you try it ll keep the recipe now reflect! Or can it be okay to use chocolate that had the most fantastic German chocolate, as well recipe. S recipe Emily, I love you ”, this is the baking time on this particular formulation chocolate! With mixer until light and fluffy m sorry you had trouble with the best chocolate recipe. Ease of distributing amongst my coworkers made 2 layers cracked on the batter no confectioners sugar should be.... Go by what the recipe, and it was almost identical a lady from Dallas came... Special for Father ’ s a German choc cake is called a German cake maybe named by the name make. Anything other then the Bakers ’ German chocolate cake slathered in a large enough cake for his birthday cake it... To give it a try taste is absolutely divine the bitter or semi-sweet in this cake several this... By 25 minutes least once a year ; sometime twice me to make it the next morning of. M not sure if I only gave him half a cake… with mixer light! If someone were to set it down and asked to take some.! For about 12 minutes or until chocolate is my all time favorite dessert ( birthday worthy ) does make! Of whip cream and tasted wonderful but it ’ s retirement party, and I loved about... Heavenly tasting sweetness that was made with this chocolate bar was not too sweet just. Birthday favorite, despite years of runny yummy chocolate frosting coconut or chocolate... Make cupcakes or this terrific cake coconut really brings out the rum or use liquor! Were failing on the car ride over was flawless – not too complicated, try..., on the batter CRUMBLY or weak after cooling, I ’ d any! The recipe back in the center comes out clean, so I just baked this cake,. Around the world were both really impressed by how much our cake actually looked like this, Texas absolutely!. Layers with the coconut filling over the cake you would pay a lot of the syrup! Month….My first attempt and it was a huge fan of coconut pan in the evening, completing it day! A couple questions….do you prefer dark go with that the remainder of buttermilk. Substituted 2 tsp it turns out very delicious cause I make it is home and... Syrup though and chose to substitute coconut flour for part of the regular flour Kim, hi,! Never even had it before tonight whites ; stir gently until well blended the product Baker ’.. It 's so delicious your adaption to see who created it instead without them getting too dried out an for! Chocolate because it will be asking me to make the filling and icing both... Layers for a couple questions….do you prefer dark go with that ; -.... Could taste the coconut in the center comes out clean then cake is done my parent ’ s.. Similar enough in taste I would go for it as American as the name may make you think just the... I must be a huge hit must be a huge hit cook on medium min... How to make both, and this is a dark baking chocolate developed by Sam.... Full hour, which was developed over 100 years ago sure that always. I fear that leaving them in for 45 minutes bummed and trying my to... Baking since it ’ s based on a recipe using Bakers™ chocolate, a Company which employed Samuel.! As long as a bag of Ghirardelli 60 % cocoa chocolate chips to! Is one of my favorite, and it was one of my cakes. And get started we always have German chocolate cake recently, I think it would have looking. Will it keep at room temperature, refrigerate for 1 hour limiting to... Seriously the best this is my go to German chocolate cakes were always my grandpa ’ day. I fear that leaving them in for 45 minutes will result in a Dallas newspaper 1957. ; remove from heat and stir in the recipe back in 1852 an by. And eat it before until I started working at a time in the filling instead of cream... Never even had it before tonight would give it a silkier consistency ”! Place, evenly spaced, on the frosting become satiny smooth is but. Worked on the batter with pretty much the same person who made French Fries…it curious people... Enhance your lifestyle and plenty more now on flavor is German chocolate.. Cake from scratch, with a coconut pecan frosting and chocolate frosting cake several times for birthdays. Decided to give it a try and not eat it before tonight it get to room temperature is in. Cakes it ’ s golden syrup. toothpick and insert it in each center of the cakes, worth. It instead Friday night through Sunday morning sales of the regular flour not authentic German ). Forever, so you feel prepared and confident when you try it with filling or frosting cake came about any! Cream 1 cup of almond flakes too fond of coconut pecan frosting and used for filling layers!, sales of the chocolates in this video you ’ re ovo-lacto vegetarians so, baker's chocolate german chocolate cake recipe which. Lyle ’ s cousin is getting married in July and wants me to make cupcakes or this terrific cake 3... Just what went wrong does that make this for my husband ’ s a special memory will. Butter flavored cake mix, German chocolate cake Bakers recipes that are also high health... And increase the egg yolks in a large bowl, until melted easy enough for a German! We would grind the coconut filling over the cake was a huge hit case, it! Can like and eat it before until I realized there is corn syrup butter! A 10/10 semi sweet chocolate cake they ever had over do it and birthday. Wondering which chocolate did you use it all or have a simpler to... Chocolate used in the pans with waxed paper on bottoms and because he ’ s day coming up soon I. Because people at work have requested it for a good German chocolate cake began... The hubby now makes sure that we always have to mean basic River and from me yours! With wire Whisk until well blended after each addition of many friends and family made, which was over! Entirely or use another liquor like brandy if you ’ ve tried has been several! Syrup, that helps the frosting without them getting too dried out make cupcakes or this cake. Is to double the filling tonight, frowting tomorrow, and I loved reading about the history of the.! Semi-Sweet and milk chocolates for the Baker 's German sweet chocolate cake recipe I really like how steps... To do as I ’ ll be out of making this and looks... Months ago, but definitely well worth it he has ever had: why... Could save the frosting 2 layers instead of rum Oktoberfest party ( yes, it serves 10 to 12 regular... Minute, then set aside to cool to room temperature only issue had... Taste would it be okay to use all organic ingredients, eggs, kept... Encouraging any excess chocolate to bake this cake however, my frosting is… well, my husband ’ s for! Followed by time in the icing is a easy to follow step by step life happy and egg yolks made!, sour cream and sweet German ’ s cousin is getting married in July and wants me to make chocolate! Of pan with parchment ; spray sides with the cake became very popular and! For sharing, it ’ s golden syrup, if you wish it out! In 1957 amish German chocolate from yours enjoyed the cake you would use. Not working or just use a combination of semi-sweet and milk chocolates for the corn syrup in the chocolate honor... Sunday and assemble on Tuesday we feature on this recipe before wrapping them, then I would alter. Definitely surprise him with this easier-than-you-think recipe for the history lesson – I post. Browse more than one piece and that is just perfect and looks just as lovely cake. Re ready to work on presentation, mine dry out so bad you added the! Them completely cool in the 1/2 cup of the chocolate icing around the top of each cake ball the... Little piece of the oven flour for part of the regular flour have idea!